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Jada Fire ... Heal and Inspire! She is a spiritual yoga instructor, talented painter-artist and ethnic fusion dancer who dedicates her artistry to evoking creativity and peace worldwide. She specializes in Expressive Yoga, a healing & unique practice she has coined as Serpentine Asana Flow. This organic form of Yoga highlights a restorative and creative form of movement that she has designed in addition to her Sacred Dance Fusion & Tribal Trance Dance style and methodology.

Jada Fire also professionally performs Polynesian Fire dance, combining West African, Middle Eastern and Serpentine dance styles. Her performances are Sacred in that they exhibit tales of love and emotive release, catharsis and indigenous exploration.

Jada Fire is a prolific painter with an extraordinary portfolio of figurative/ abstract renditions on canvas. Her paintings have adorned many studios, restaurants, hotels and homes here in Las Vegas, and beyond. Her paintings are known for their punctuating energy and Goddess forms.

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African Yoga Retreat

Ever Dreamed of exploring Africa coupled with primitive Expressive Yoga Flow, Safari and Luxurious Lodging? This year I am called to host a very sacred retreat in Zambia, October 26th-31st of 2012 and you are invited to join us! Open to 22 spirit seekers yet space is filling up quickly so inquire within for full details on the journey! Awaken your Primitive Power in Zambia with me this year!

$425 will include all yoga practices, healing touch & meditation overlooking the grasslands, individualized Animal Power Card Reading from our newly created 'African Oracle Deck of Ancient Animal Wisdom'. Yes that's right- a new Inspirational Card Deck is being released this March, 2012 and I have illustrated the 38 creatures of insight! Stay tuned to purchase a healing deck of your own! Visit our store page to pick one up. Monkey says, 'seek adventure'... it is time to swing into action!

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Expressive Yoga Teacher Training

EYD Teacher Training, April of 2012! This may be my final Expressive Yoga Dance Teacher Training Course for a few years so seize this opportunity to embrace authentic Serpentine Asana Flow, Cathartic Healing Release, Undulative and Rhythmic Tribal Trance dance and a deeper inner knowing through the original Expressive Yoga Dance methodologies and principles.

Dates: April 18th-22nd, 2012 ~ Las Vegas. Course rate- $597. Limited Enrollment*.

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Relinquish the Armor Autobiography

My autobiography/ personal development and inspirational book titled "Relinquish the Armor' will be available for purchase by March 24th, 2012 . Please visit my store page to embrace a copy of your own. 'Illuminate your inner fire and surrender to the light of the divine... an evocative and spiritual read!' Enjoy*

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